You might not expect this from me though

There is always ugly part alongside things that I love and believe in. Like oppressive people in the name of Islam who go around telling women how to dress when rape issues ensue. That, my dear, instead of educating men on how to take care of their easily aroused dicks. Those people exist and there are plenty of them. Same goes to overreacting kpop fans whose behavior only make kpop appear disgusting while the actual talents are presenting great music. Why can’t I love and believe things peacefully without imbeciles making the whole thing be ugly.

Edit: taking out the curse word because it wasn’t necessary. My contemplation had been delivered well with the whole paragraph alone. I’m gonna try to curse less. I guess being savage can be done without involving harsh talk~

Back on my bullshit

Been quite a long time I shut down this site and wondered if my blabbering in this account were any relevant for people to read. And yeah, I guess not even a tiny bit. Still tho, I’m back at it today.

During my vacuum lately, I found myself enjoying plenty of stuff I used to love, and totally get used to it again. Where the hell have I been erstwhile? Perhaps torturing my soul with irrelevant activities and people (yep, totally). Feels nice having something to wholeheartedly love and do despite the sickening world we currently live in.

I’ve been thinking quite often; whether I should completely stop posting meaningless contents on my blog or should I keep going as I used to. That applies to all my social media accounts. (Also) talking about countless rants widespread on my twitter account. Is that okay? I kinda feel I shouldn’t sometimes. But as for now, I still think I can (later) develop something that represent me as a person, and happily share them here and there without bother thinking it’s embarrassing or weird CUZ WHO CARES DATS MY LIFE ANYWAY. Meh I’ve been dealing with this cycle for too long when will you actually decide shit and move on with whatever choice you take duh.

Presenting careful life in one’s personal social media account is such a difficult duty. And one should seriously stop being too careful… just let yourself enjoy things, dear.

I’m happy to announce that I’m back to this platform to keep writing stuff.


Note: I just realized as I wrote this post that my writings are very personal (including most of my prior posts). And now I’m glad to accept the fact that I’m more comfortable with this type of writing instead of the formal one.