Peanuts and popcorn and I’m feeling okay

It has been one roller coaster month of mixed feelings and I decided to quit. I try as much not to regret that single click I made which eventually triggered you to start the conversation we shouldn’t had. You might lie to yourself for not recognizing my genuine intentions but that’s okay. Perhaps you were just curious about me in the first place. You must never think of me the way I feel about you. I knew it and there’s nothing wrong with that. I saw a possibility of you projecting a serious relationship with a quite reserved and well deserving girl I’ve known for years. And I think she’s a good choice. Not that I’m convincing myself if I’m not, I know my worth. But me and her are of different good. And you clearly seek her type so I shall proceed to let go of these feelings. Obviously I liked you, and I still do. More like I adore you. But it can get normal. I will gradually turn back into my old self the way I did before I knew you.

But you should know, I’m grateful for the fact that you ignited a little fire inside of me to pursue specific goals for my own future. I’m pursuing CFA too and somewhat found myself a connection to help me gain the knowledge. I hope you’ll be successful and I pray that your goal to get married next year will be granted by our Lord. I wish you happiness and a long life ahead.

Thanks and good bye 🙂

Nerd time!

That’s it, big bad wolf. You didn’t let me find any books I initially look for but managed to have me bring home this many.

It’s okay though, I can still go to periplus anytime 😄