On race events: merely hyping or else?

In continuation of my recent interest in the scope of race events, I came to a stand point where I decided to not hype up too much on every single incoming event. I’ve always enjoyed running since ages, even when I was asked to fill questionnaires about my favorite sport, I’d make sure if I can write running as mine (aside from badminton). There was also this novel (adapted into a movie too) I read in my nerdy years probably in junior high school about a group of best friends sharing one particular jeans everybody loves, where one of the character was a mad-runner. She’d run miles everyday just because it makes her feel good. It releases her pain, emotion, and even though it doesn’t solve her problems, it still helps her be at ease. I kind of adore her and she might be part of my running hobby reasons.

Meanwhile these recent years, marathon has been massively hyped up all over the world, most certainly because everybody can participate and it doesn’t require talent; only some good strength and resilience whom anyone with normal physical state can practice their ass off. Whilst in case of becoming an athlete who competes to win the first place, surely it would require load of essential factors but let’s not discuss that. Seeing so many race events in town which held every week and even at one venue there could be several different events taking place altogether –got me thinking about it from different perspective.

In general, they would charge participants to pay for a certain amount of money which vary between IDR 100k up to 500k (or higher). The race pack provided wouldn’t cost as much as the registration fee (of course!) so I assumed they would allocate the remaining collected sum for prizes, organizers, venue, and probably just that? Man, I’m in no capacity to accuse them as scams but I doubt some of them aren’t. They can enjoy some huge part of the collected fund by making sure to make very efficient calculation for the whole event. And my concern? I hate funding people on things I can’t obtain its transparency. Cause honestly speaking, why would us?

I may sound spiteful but that’s just the way I cope with uncertain things most of the time. (So probably I’m a spiteful woman???) What I learned from this whole mess was that my genuine value is about enjoying the run itself. I can optimize this hobby by running regularly without having the urge to join any race events here and there every fucking week. Yet I have a goal though, to participate in the most prestigious marathon in the world just because it feels like a whole different experience and it’s totally worth it, at least for me?? Don’t get me wrong ladies and gentlemen, it ain’t easy to be accepted as a participant in a world class marathon so all I can do for the time being is making running as a habit and carefully tracking the progress (better yet, arranging my run schedule). This sounds much more fun than joining the gym scam! O-o-p-s.3gp

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