10,000 hours

I’m doomed. Thinking about mastering a subject by applying the ten thousand hours rule is already irrational if I set a time span of 2 years, let alone wanting to earn mastery in 9 months. Quick math result requires me to allocate for at least 14.8 hours per day consecutively in 2 years to celebrate my ten thousand.

With the current workload in my office, that is not happening. Even by 4 years, it would still require 7.4 hours per day to deep dive into the subject. A ridiculous amount of time yet it sounds totally make sense to me. Funny how I’m still feeling positive about it. Starting from literally zero hour and we’ll see how far this can get.

Now I definitely need to cut out so many time-wasting habit and somewhat will voluntarily sign up for being the type of employee who-has-no-life (will I?).

Events like bbw should never be missed cause I can get more books to learn in cheaper cost. Terpujilah siapapun yang ngadain bbw lebih dari sekali dalam setahun.

On another note, aku bersyukur banget kerja di bumn yang setidaknya memberi kepastian kerja dan ada jenjang karir walaupun ya memang sangat panjang. This is a privilege I earned and am not gonna take it for granted. Also, I’d never feel burdened to pay the tax cause I’m forever grateful with our government for letting me get my bachelor degree with the aid of their scholarship.

Well… all this excitement gets me dizzy. But wait. What’s the actual point of this post? Um, dunno… Mungkin ini efek kombinasi dari buku outliers ditambah abis town hall sama GH dan dapet super banyak insight tentang karir dan dunia finance terkini 😌