Scrolling through my drafts tonight and I wonder why I left this one hanging unposted. But still worth sharing so here we go. Probably wrote this in early 2017.

I initially never heard of this movie before, since it came out in 2011 when I wasn’t much of a movie freak yet. It bugged me after I had a huge crush on Gong Yoo regarding his recent role in Goblin; that I later managed to download several movies he’d played in.

Even Train to Busan that my friends had recommended me to watch half a year ago didn’t catch my attention until I found out yesterday that Gong Yoo was the main actor.

Ok let’s move on to Silenced.

It’s a movie adapted from a book written by Gong Ji Yong which originally titled as The Crucible. It brought back real issue of sexual abuse case towards deaf-students at a special school in South Korea which had reached its statute of limitation.

Kids who couldn’t even hear and speak were sexually harrased and physically abused, and even one of them was killed.

Upon distributed in theaters on September 2011, the movie received massive attention from citizens.

The film sparked public outcry over lenient court rulings, prompting police to reopen the case and lawmakers to introduce bills for the human rights of the vulnerable.

Quoting a nice sentence from wikipedia (don’t hate me for this but whatever) with credible source at the bottom of this post, which also link you to a more comprehensive understanding on the issue discussed.

Ini yang disebut karya yang menggerakkan. Meski setelah bertahun-tahun keadilan baru ditegakkan, siapa yang mengira itu bisa terjadi karena sebuah film? Bahkan aktivis HAM sudah berusaha keras sejak kasus itu pertama menyeruak, dan buku tersebut sudah dua tahun ditulis sebelum diadaptasi jadi film, tapi yang menyedot jutaan mata tak bisa dipungkiri adalah film ini.

Industri film memang selalu menarik untuk disimak.

Source: “Sexual abuse of disabled, vulnerable, or Dead people on the rise” Yonhap News. 29 September 2011.

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