Lady Bird

Mungkin bagi sebagian orang, film ini biasa aja dan plotnya terlalu sederhana. Tapi buatku lady bird adalah portrayal kisah hidup seorang remaja cewe dengan alur yang mampu menonjolkan karakter dan cara berpikir dia, menyodorkan juga tentang pengaruh keluarga, lingkungan, dan pengambilan keputusan terhadap jalan hidup dia. Pas banget aku lagi baca Outliers.

Yang menarik dari karakter Christine menurutku her overwhelming confidence. The typical that doesn’t wait. She goes for what she wants. For example: she doesn’t waste time when she likes a guy and hit on him right away. She made the first move. And even when things were not happening as she expected, she moved on quickly. She’d be stubborn and made mistakes. She learned to admit her failure and made sure to sincerely apologize.

This movie is so honest. Pure youth, perhaps? It’s like watching someone’s real life through her perspective.

I’m quoting her line when she cried with disappointment towards Kyle after her first intercourse:

“Who the fuck is on top their first time?!”

And to be honest, I cried three times watching this movie.

Ini review yang menurutku cukup wholesome kalau tertarik baca:

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