Positive vibes

Hey readers.

Starting today I decided to avoid leaving negativity within my posts and practically within my life (…well, could I?)

Yep, it’s about time to stop being so dramatic over unnecessary stuff and give more concern about the things that actually matter.

And I promise to stay positive, one of which by keep learning from literally everything to keep me awake upon the fact of knowing nothing. That way I can stay humble.

Another big deal is about finding and maintaining new ways on living a healthy life style. Healthy life makes you feel good, man.

Can’t deny the idea that social surroundings may greatly affect the way I behave unless I’m mentally stable and capable in handling toxic friends (which I’m not; yet) so I’m gonna leave toxic people behind and surround myself with the ones that keep me improving into a better human. Yeah, I’m just a mere human being after all.

Love, Audi.

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