Social Media Addict

Ok so here’s the real deal many of us have been suffering but rarely noticed the fact that we do. Social media is fun. It connects us with people and let us share our lives almost in daily basis. But truth to be told, it is very addictive.

I once tried Path where I saw people overshared their daily activities, wanting to show their friends how good the lives they’re living. All the check-ins in fancy restaurants and vacations to wonderful destinations. Looks like cool stuff for the youth (probably in most people’s opinion). It once made me think how amazing their lives were then I tried to fit in by posting similar stuff but immediately came to realize how meaningless it was. There is no point in showing off such thing rather it only got us enjoy the moment less.

I decided to put an end in using that platform, as well as I deactivated my because it completely brought no good impact to my well-being and I’m fine living without them. I am still an active user of Instagram because I have huge interest in photography. I believe I can still use this platform in an appropriate purpose as well as how WordPress can let me speak my mind loudly. Though I haven’t yet made it to buy a decent camera to water my thirst in photography world, I still enjoy using the platform. And indeed it can be very addictive at times.

You must’ve experienced the satisfaction of getting likes and comments on your Instagram’s posts and when you get less, you wondered what was wrong. Put that mind aside because it is completely unnecessary and doesn’t considered as accomplishments. Although now I’m stating that expressing my interest in photography to this platform is my main purpose rather than oversharing the moments I had in life, still it feels addictive. It’s because we crave recognition from others. We wouldn’t post them without subconsciously expecting the thumbs up.

We all forget that real life doesn’t work that way. Just because we look cool doesn’t simply make other people want to engage with us nor will they entrust their issues with us. Despite calling it as ‘social media’, it lead us into hardly socializing with other humans in a proper way. We feed our addiction first before looking at the person next to us. We look at our phones while having real conversation with somebody. I know how good it is to get a text from people I love, but it distracts me from my social surroundings. I spend too much on my phone and barely work hard on my real issues.

This is why these days I wanted to make a commitment to have less reasons to check my phone by uninstalling most opened apps (the useless ones, of course) and situate myself in environment where I can make myself most productive. I decided to open the timeline less than I used to, in fact I’m willing to stop doing that. It is time consuming and also quota draining. I decided to spend more time reading news and interesting blog posts from the ones I admire.

I believe our generation can produce so much more when we put aside our phones because that’s when ideas come to mind.

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  1. Fauzie Ardiansyah · January 8, 2017

    Wow 👏

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