The lines got stuck in my mind

Have you ever watched a movie or series and ever since that, several words spoken by the actor keep popping out in your head even after years passed?

Yep, I have. [SPOILER ALERT]

1. 21

“Always account for variable change.”

This was a movie about counting cards and getting lots of cash through casinos in Vegas. The scene was at around the beginning while Micky was lecturing a class in MIT questioning an example of Monty Hall problem and Ben correctly answer without hesitation. I would rate 3.5/5 for this.


2. Begin Again

“Don’t bother her, don’t bother her!”

Starring two fabulous actors; Mark Rufallo and Keira Knightley, I definitely recommend you to watch this. I rate it 4.5/5. I also love how Keira sang her songs, especially a step you can’t take back and like a fool. The scene was when Dan got completely mad at Saul and trying to tell the staff to do as he wanted regarding the record label, but Saul shouted the line.


3. The man living in our house

“I have to knead dough.”

Definitely a worth-watching drama. I have to say that, yes, I’m into korean dramas, and this one’s filled with fresh plot twists I haven’t seen in any other ones. The main actor Kim Young Kwang played a role as Ko Nan Gil who owned a dumpling restaurant and he knead dough everyday. He always says the line everytime he tried to avoid serious talk with Hong Na Ri (main female lead). By the time I wrote this post, it’s on going until episode 6 and I really hope each upcoming episodes to be as good as the first six. I would rate this drama 4.5/5.

(Edit: it turned out that the rest episodes was boring so I lower my rating to 2.5/5. Instead, I highly recommend you to watch Goblin!)


4. Insidious 2

“Don’t you dare!”

I know the gif shown below was not exactly the scene where she said the line but it looks interesting so I post it anyway haha. Since I live in South Tangerang I have been avoiding any horror movies but this one stucked on my head, probably because I used to wonder about the idea of sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, astral projection and out of body experience. I would rate 4/5.


5. Game of Thrones


I sobbed uncontrollably upon watching the scene of Hodor’s death. Nyesek. I won’t spoil you for this one, gotta watch it for yourself. It could honestly be rated as 4.5 but I don’t appreciate all the adult scenes so 4/5 for the whole series would be fair enough.


How about you? Which movie bothers you the most because of a line said by the actor?


  1. Fauzie Ardiansyah · November 12, 2016

    fiuh.. almost..
    thanks for the spoiler alert


    • Audi · November 13, 2016

      Wkwk emangnya belom nonton yang mana?


    • Fauzie Ardiansyah · November 13, 2016

      Semuanya 😐


    • Audi · November 13, 2016

      Duhhhh dasar orang sibuk


    • Fauzie Ardiansyah · November 13, 2016

      Oh kecuali insidious 2, inget warianya hehe


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