The broken lcd

Kalo semua orang kayak lu, bangkrut udah tempat service hp dimana-mana. (Sabiq, 2016)

Hehe, I recently broke my lcd screen again for an accident. Since I’ve experienced it months ago, this time I don’t fuss over the broken lcd and immediately buy a new one through Tokopedia.

The problem was that I currently live in South Tangerang and have no idea where to go put up the new lcd. I previously got helped by Dargo at Bandung and got it fixed together but I don’t think I can ask him again this time. Though I still planned to go to Bandung to find a way there.

Then on Thursday this week, I was exhaustedly tired doing experiment on my lab and decided to have lunch with the other guys left at building 71 batan. Only Sabiq and Rudi were there, no more girls I guess. We were eating and sharing about our progress, when suddenly I asked whether or not they like to look up and experimenting on electronic stuff. Then I desperately showed them the phone. I explained about having bought a new lcd and the experience on getting a previous broken exact same case done. I really wanted to ensure them, especially Sabiq whom majored in mechanical engineering, to pity me a little and offer a helping hand. Turned out none of them have ever tried doing it before, so I lowered my hope immediately.

But surprisingly Sabiq asked, “What’s the fatal risk of opening up the components of your phone?”

I blatantly replied, “None. It’s really safe.” (I should never say such reckless thing again next time.)

And he said, “Okay then, let’s see if we have a matching screwdriver for your phone at SEM lab. What else do we need?”

I was shocked knowing he accepted my challenge, without even speak about who to take responsibility if things go wrong.

I replied, “So we can work on it right away by tomorrow? Nothing much I guess, we have a hairdryer at the preparation lab and I can find double tape to stick the new lcd back to the phone body.”

“Nope, let’s do it today, we have plenty of time anyway. And I don’t think I can come here tomorrow because I have class on the afternoon,” said him.

I got even more shocked and told him I didn’t bring the new lcd but then decided to go home after lunch and took it.

You guys can look up the tutorial of replacing a broken lcd and touchscreen (on asus zenfone 6 for my case) through youtube. There are plenty of worthy videos up there.

And yep, we did it. Well, more like he did it. Haha. Even after three days passed, I’m still freaking excited about the new look of my phone. Here is the result of the new look, he even helped putting up the temperred glass.

Huge thanks to Sabiq for fixing my phone during his fussy lab time. I’m glad there are still brave and kind hearted people I came across in my life. How about we all be as brave and kind?

If I were to get a broken lcd again (of course hopefully never again), I don’t think I will need anyone to assist me. I’ll do it on my own 🙂

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