Water Habit

In the past few months I started a habit of drinking water for a minimum 2 liters a day. No kidding, I didn’t have this habit before. I didn’t use to care about how much water I drank in a day. Poor me, right?

I set a rule of drinking 8 glasses of water throughout the day: 2 around the morning, 1 in between morning and noon, 2 around the afternoon, and the last 3 for the rest of the day. But recently I find it easier to just use a bottle which provide indicator thus I could exactly drink 2 liters in a day.

Turns out it resulted in an unpredictable way. I used to have additional fat around my belly and my thighs and embraced it anyway BECAUSE I don’t go victoria’s secret. But this water habit changed my body rapidly. I used to weigh around 52 – 54 kgs; not fat but didn’t suit much in fancy clothes I wanted to wear, and ever since June this year, my body went down to KEPALA EMPAT. I mean like, the last time I touched that digit was when I exhaustedly climbed Mount Cikuray last year and it’s been so long. I feel much lighter these days too, since I weigh around 47 – 49 kgs. As comparison at high school I used to weigh around 45 kgs because I was quite busy doing things like paskibra and taekwondo. Indeed it’s hard to stay in shape when you are an undergraduate student. With lots lots of duties. And experiments. Deadlines. Tests. T-h-e-s-i-s. Throughout the weeks, and months… Okay enough about college.

I’m pretty excited about the fact that my body now seemed to get stable at 48 kgs. I KNOW RIGHT most women don’t talk about their weights publicly but here I am sharing you the thing which I didn’t even consider to happen when I got started. Now that I already have one good habit, why not upgrade it with muscle training? Interesting abs might be on the way if we put enough effort 🙂


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