About being mean

People can be very mean at times. Whether it’s a single person or even a group of people. Some might not realize how hurtful the words they speak to other. They say the mean words and simply feel nothing is wrong with it. Some might immediately notice they were being mean and then apologize for the pain they’ve caused on other.

In a case of becoming a victim, I prefer to have them not realized about their hurtful attitude. It’s so much easier to let go rather than having them begging for forgiveness and make the situation turns into awkward.

I have a lot of bad dreams everyday which already quite disturbing, so I won’t let my mind to bother think about the awkward things with mean people. I want to just; erase the memory about them and care more about my own life goals.

I would feel really upset with myself if I ended up treating those rude creatures the same exact way as they hurt me. Doesn’t that make me no different from them? Why would I be the bad guy too? Such a waste of time and energy. So I shall just pass and let go.

Also, I’m a mean person sometimes; and don’t easily realize about the mean things I’d done. So basically I’m just preaching myself about my mean attitude.

Can I get a grumpy cat?